Client since 2016

Very knowledgeable in his field, Ramon always responded promptly with all the answers we were looking for and patiently spent the time needed to help us really understand the facts before making any decisions. He gave us very helpful tips and meaningful food for thought that other advisers would have probably neglected to mention. Ramon worked around our schedules and different locations which made working with him a breeze!

We would highly recommend (and already have!) Ramon’s services to anyone looking for an easy-going, professional, knowledgeable and friendly advisor.


Client since 2016

Having made the decision to work with Ramon to purchase a new home had reduced our stress for the financial portion and he was there for us every step of the way. Ramon is a fantastic Mortgage Agent that ensured we were able to get the optimum in mortgage value. Not only is he knowledgeable, personable and professional but also he goes above and beyond for his clients. I am now his loyal customer and have recommended him to all my family and friends.


Client since 2014

Ramon came highly recommended to us by our daughter and son-in- law, who have been his clients for 10+ years. When our mortgage was up for renewal, we wanted to find out if there were other options available to us in terms of rates and terms and how we can free up funds to contribute to our retirement (which will be in 10 years or so). It’s important to note that we’ve only worked with the big banks for mortgages and thankfully, Ramon educated us on the advantages of working with a Mortgage Broker – he’s able to shop rates and terms and he’s completely working on our behalf instead of a bank. He presented us with a variety of options and scenarios to consider, and for the first time since we started purchasing mortgages since 1988, we fully understood the terms of our mortgage and felt completely confident in our decision. Thank you for helping us. To anyone looking for a Mortgage Broker – be sure to contact Ramon!


Client since 2012

Thanks for all of your help, Ramon. I know that Matt has been doing all of the correspondence with you, but it’s a pleasure as always. Thanks for always making this process so clear and simplified!


Client since 2002

To whom it may concern, This letter is a recommendation for Ramon Bautista and the mortgage services which he provides. My current position necessitates that I conduct business and build relationships with a variety of vendors. Needless to say that some relationships are positive and some negative. Over the past 15 years Ramon has completed 3 mortgages and 3 renewals on my behalf. From a business and personal perspective Ramon’s level of competency, follow through, and transparency are unparalleled. Without hesitation I would recommend Mr. Bautista for your next mortgage!


Client since 2005

Ramon is not only our trusted Mortgage Professional but he’s also our friend. He has been our Mortgage Agent for the last 12 years and through multiple properties. His involvement and with every transaction has been integral in helping reduce the stress and work necessary to deal with our family’s mortgages. Not only is the level of organization sound, but the ability to explain novel concepts and answer what we believe are complicated questions in a simple yet professional manner is incomparable. He has the keen ability to separate our personal and professional relationship, allowing us to feel confident in the decisions we make. Mortgages and their accompanying documentation, in addition to the prerequisite protocol required by Financial Institutions, can be somewhat intimidating and at times, confusing. Couple that with the ever present concern about interest rates can become convoluted and abstract.

Ramon has addressed all these variables successfully and we will continue to seek his guidance in all our future property and financial endeavours. Thank you, Ramon!


Client since 1997

Ramon has been our Mortgage Manager for the past 20 years through 5 properties and numerous re-finances and adjustments. During our term with Ramon, he has always been extremely efficient, focused and always customized his services to our specific needs. Ramon’s best skill is simple, he listens. Over the years we have been approached by numerous mortgage professionals and we always consider our options. In the end, we stayed with Ramon and will continue to work with him. Trust and respect and earned, especially with finances for our home.

Thank you Ramon for your continued support and guidance.


Client since 2007 – Moved into new home June 2017

Ramon, We got our keys yesterday and we’re very happy with our new place. Thanks so much for working so hard to pull it all together. We’re very grateful for you in our lives. It’s great to have amazingly competent people to support one along their journey.


Client since 2012 – Mortgage Renewal 2017

Ramon has been our mortgage broker for the past 5 years, and has just successfully renegotiated our renewal. He was always very knowledgeable and worked with us through the whole process to ensure we understood all of the next steps. I would highly recommend his services to anyone, and will continue to partner with him in the the future. Thank you for all the support and service!


Client since 2012 – Moved into new home October 2017

Ramon, We wanted to say thank you as well, for making the purchasing process smooth and with no issues. We have enjoyed having you as our broker on our last two deals and look forward to working with you again in the future.


Client since 2015 -Refinance 2017

Writing a review should be an easy task to do. However, writing a review about Ramon is very difficult, in fact it took me 2 months to do. Only because words can not be enough to express my gratitude towards him.

I was introduced to him 3 years ago when I was 24 years old. Purchasing your first home at that age is very nerve racking, because everything was so new to me. However after speaking to him on the phone for the first time, I knew that anything he advised for me was for my best interest. I didn’t know 80% of what he was talking about at first, but 100% of me felt that he wouldn’t guide me the wrong way. He was able to explain anything I didn’t understand, so I gave him my full trust. Since then, we have talked numerous times about my current financial status and my future goal. All I needed to do was to send him a text message “Ramon, call me” and within 30 minutes he always called me back.

Ramon is very knowledgeable, professional and a genuine human being. I am so glad that he is my mortgage broker, in fact he is more than that to me. He is my friend. Ramon truly cares for me, and I’m 100% he treats all his client same way. Thank you for everything you have done for my family.!


Moved into new home December 2017

Ramon is both incredibly patient and knowledgeable in his field. He provided sound and helpful advice over a period of time when our circumstances kept changing. More than that, Ramon understands the client relationship and always made me feel that he was listening to my needs, answering my questions and doing the best to provide the best rates and deliver a quality service. I would highly recommend Ramon as a mortgage broker.


Moved into new home March 2018

When we came to this country 9 years ago getting our own home was a dream, but after a few months went by we realize that this dream won’t be easy to fulfill as the many regulations and complicated processes plus the crazy prices; for some years we were very discouraged; until Ramon came to the picture, he literally took ownership of our case, he listened, made a full analysis of our situation and then he came back with realistic options, then he walked us through for every single detail in order to have a positive outcome.
I am not the kind of guy that is easy to write referrals or testimonials, but Ramon’s professionalism, ethics, and principles certainly are not easy to find.

Thanks again Ramon!!!


Moved into new home October 2018

Ramon is super professional and patient. As first-time home buyers, my wife and I needed lots of guidance and we flooded him with questions. He was always available and happy to clarify everything. Buying a house can be a very stressful experience, but he managed to calm us down and we felt like he had everything under control.

We were so satisfied with our experience and we’re already spreading the word about him to some friends buying their first house. We’re super happy with our new home, thanks for making this happen.


Moved into new home December 2018

Ramon’s help and advice was invaluable in our recent home purchase. He guided us through the process clearly and helpfully, making it as easy and painless for us every step of the way. His assistance, calm assurance, and advice was so critical in helping us navigate the occasionally complicated process of buying a home, and made us feel like we were in safe hands the whole time.

We couldn’t have done it without him and we’re so grateful to have someone in our corner as knowledgeable and helpful as Ramon. Highly recommended!


Moved into new home December 2018

I started working with Ramon on September 2018. He was referred to me by a friend who he also helped in the mortgage process. Buying a house is a huge investment but ensuring that you have the right mortgage is crucial. I have heard of a lot stories about mortgage brokers tailoring mortgages for their own profitability. Ramon on the other hand was just the opposite.

From day one, he made sure that the mortgage rates and terms were tailored for me and made changes based on my feedback. Ramon has enormous knowledge in this industry and he made sure he answered all of my questions no matter how simple or complicated they were.

One of the outstanding things about Ramon’s work is that he is always communicating with you throughout the process. He sends weekly reminders on upcoming deadlines to ensure nothing is missed. I would recommend Ramon to anyone whether you are inquiring about mortgages in general or are in the process of buying a property.


Moved into new home April 2019

Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to your email, the last couple of weeks have been very busy.

As I mentioned to you on the phone, I really want to thank you for your professionalism and how upfront and honest you were with me during our very first conversation. You were extremely personable and you made me feel very much at ease and comfortable moving forward with your services. I appreciate the time and care you spent walking me through all the different stages of finding a lender to the bridge financing and getting the best rate for my new mortgage!

It would be my pleasure to recommend you to anyone I know who is thinking of moving or are looking at putting a second mortgage down on their home.


Mortgage Transfer May 2019

Thanks very much for your help in getting us a better rate than what our current lender was offering, and then beating that rate as well! While we won’t miss having to fill out a multitude of forms – we’re glad you were able to help us secure a new mortgage with a rate we’re happy with.

We’ll be sure to keep you in mind if anyone mentions needing help with finding a lender / getting a great interest rate.