Mortgage for Secondary Homes or Vacation Properties


Did you know that you can purchase a second home or vacation property with as a little as 5% for a down payment (in bold)? If you or your family are in one of these life stages, this financing program can benefit you:


Consumers who live outside of the GTA but work in the city. If you want to reduce your weekly commute, you can buy a property closer to work, perhaps a condo to ease and cut down your travel time.
Sending a child off to university can be tough both emotionally and financially. In addition to the rising cost of tuition, students and parents often face the high costs of renting. You may want to consider purchasing a second home for a child about to enter college or university.
Owning a cottage property is a dream of many. You can purchase a vacation home that has year round access for as little as 5% down payment. For vacation homes with seasonal access, 90% financing is available.